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    formed in 1990

    Depravity are another early 90’s group to make an out-of-the-dark return to the stage at FDMMFEST, crawling back from the cemetery after a silence of decades!

    Starting in 1990, Depravity first released two demos of the more primitive and less original kind before being picked up by Adipocere Records and taking their game up a considerable notch with the debut 7” “Remasquerade” in 1992. The band’s inherently Finnish sound oozing demigodly obscurity reached its peak a year later on the “Silence of the Centuries” MCD, which presented five timelessly captivating songs of melodic yet heavy death metal. However, a full-length album never materialized, as Depravity drifted into the shadows.

    Some of the members have since been seen in the ranks of several other bands – from underground black/death metal to some of Finland’s most well-known mainstream metal acts – but Depravity has shown no signs of life, remaining dormant even in the wake of their whole discography getting luxuriously reissued in 2011. However, seems like we’ve managed to figure out the spells to invoke this slumbering beast, even if it’s just for one appearance... Time will tell.

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