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    Stench Of Decay
    formed in 2004

    Are you fuckin' kidding me, can there be anything more Finnish-sounding than this?

    With their name stemming from within Sentenced's song "Disengagement", Stench of Decay spew out the most unadulterated tunes of Finnish Death Metal since the originators over 20 years ago.

    Stench of Decay set out on a path to spread awareness about the old Finnish bands with the hope of giving them some well-earned recognition and to show the listeners the difference between what was going on in Sweden and in Finland.

    Stench Of Decay's material came out on the now defunct Detest Records and has been sold out for a while but worry not, in 2012 Ektro Records released a compilaton with both of their demos and the Visions Beyond Death EP and it’s still widely available.

    Their live performances have included covers of Abhorrence and Rippikoulu, and sometimes with rare special guests on stage. We are very eager to see what Stench of Decay will surprise us with at the Warm Up event on Thursday 10th of September!

    Creation of Carnal Lust

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