formed in 2002.
    They will play a special Death set.

    Concert coming up in December-2017!

    Having emerged from the tomb in the year of 1987, “Scream Bloody Gore” quickly became one of the cornerstones of Death Metal, with nowadays many even referring to it as the first album to be purely representative of the genre, as opposed to its thrashier predecessors, like the equally classic “Seven Churches”. Such ultimately pointless debates aside, “Scream Bloody Gore” is a morbid masterpiece that has preserved its mesmerizing stench over the decades. As vicious as it is catchy, the album’s dominantly violent pummeling is complemented with moments of demented melody, and finished off with a wretched voice torturously spewing out the primitive and putrid poetry – a winning combination that truly calls for such over-abused adjectives as “brutal” and “evil”.
    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this canonized classic, the experienced capital area deathrashers Spirit Disease will play “Scream Bloody Gore” in its entirety at FDMM Fest 2017! This will be purely a tribute set from the recently resurrected five-piece, covering the twelve tracks of the CD version, from “Infernal Death” to “Land of No Return”. Come raise the goblets of gore with them!

  • Pestigore & Rippikoulu 

    Pestigore band logo 2017

    formed in 1990 as Rotten Bowel

    Pestigore will perform again in 2017!! Catch them before it's all over!
    Having returned from within the dark mist to play the previous edition of Finnish Death Metal Maniacs, these old gorehounds now appear to be back for good. Since then, they’ve committed several acts of butchery around Southern Finland, and new material as well as a compilation of their early 90’s demos is expected to surface in 2017. Prepare for straight-out Death Metal brutality like the last 25 years never happened.
    Finnish Death Metal Maniacs here and overseas, do NOT miss this chance!

  • Galvanizer band logo

    formed in 2014

    Considered the favourites of the FDMM FEST staff, these guys are invited back in 2017 to blast NEW SPECIAL SET!

    This young trio played only their second gig together at FDMM Fest 2015, but already then blew us away with their intense grinding Death Metal mayhem, so summoning them back for 2017 seemed more than appropriate! The band have further sharpened their claws by performing around Finland as well as abroad this year, so we can look forward to an even more deadly assault from them this time around… Galvanizer have quickly become one of the most exciting up-and-coming names of the Finnish underground, capturing the old school spirit authentically in every aspect, and injecting it with youthful fervor and energy that is similar to what made the early 90’s scene so vibrant.

    Reh. Tape 2016 here.


    formed in 2013

    Last Minute Cancellation: ! GOD DISEASE will replace NERLICH at FDMM FEST !
    As the shadows grew, he walked upon the burning earth. He watched everything die, and he saw it was good. God had been slain on that day, the day, when disease was created. Earth now belonged to him. And Hell broke loose. Anno February 2013 somewhere in Finland GOD DISEASE was born to create an unbelievable intense mixture of Death Metal and Doom.
    Listen to God Disease here: https://goddiseasofficial.bandcamp.com/
    formed in 2001

    Relentlessly pushing the boundaries of Black Metal further than others dare, RIDE FOR REVENGE has been summoned to play their only gig of the year at FDMM Fest. Particularly impressive when witnessed in the flesh, the prolific trio delivers ritualistic sonic sorcery that will devour your mind and murder your soul. You can expect anything and yet nothing at the same time.

    formed in 1989

    Inferia is the longest-running band that the early Finnish Death Metal scene spawned, having squirted out new releases semi-steadily all the while, with the 2014 full-length “Fistament” being their latest show of potency. While the early material was more in the average DM vein both musically and lyrically, over the years the grindcore elements have increased, and the lyrics moved to exclusively concentrate on mainman Jani Huttunen’s unquenchable passion for pornography, thus giving birth to Inferia’s own brand of “porndeath-grind”.

    These Lahti perverts have been extensively spraying their seed all over Europe and South America, charming audiences with their jizz-dripping love songs that go by such exhilarating titles as “Cum Shot Victim”, “Let’s Fist Again” and “Cunt Get No Satisfaction”. In the process, the band has developed into a well-oiled and deadly live unit, so prepare to be both entertained and intensely brutalized, when Finland’s premiere porngrinders take Pori by force!

    formed in 2006

    Ever since their 2007 debut tape “Saturnine”, the name Profetus has been on the lips of any Funeral Doom fanatic in the know. Deeply influenced by their pioneering countrymen like Thergothon and Skepticism, the Tampere-based congregation upholds this majestic musical tradition, filtering it through a mystical vision of their own.

    With three acclaimed full-lengths under their belts – and a fourth one in the works – the band has proven to be masterful at this solemn craft, also impressively bringing their crushing yet mournfully captivating art into the live domain. Maniacs will be able to witness this first-hand in June 2017, when Profetus bring their forlorn procession to Pori! Profetus Bandcamp site:

    formed in 1990

    Rippikoulu’s black ceremony at FDMMFest 2015 was one the most awaited moments of that weekend, as the revered Death/Doom cult hadn’t set foot on stage in more than two decades. While a dream come true for some, it was a performance that divided opinions, as many were disappointed by the dominance of their new “Ulvaja” material in the setlist, and complaints were also heard about the structure of the line-up, which included a female vocalist/keyboardist yet no bass player.

    No matter whether you approved the band's gig at the previous edition or not, or even were there in the first place, FDMM 2017 will bring another must-see for any Rippikoulu fanatic: a special set solely concentrating on their 1992-93 demo songs! That’s right, expect a hefty dose of the crushing gloom of “Musta seremonia”, along with choice cuts from its more primitive and brutal predecessor “Mutaation aiheuttama sisäinen mätäneminen”, served with a bass!

    Also, this time minors will be able to suffer the curse of darkness and the everlasting torment first- hand as well, as unlike last year, Rippikoulu will be playing at the all-ages main venue Annis.

    formed in 1999

    When it comes to names from outside of Finland, there aren’t many that would fit on the FDMMFEST bill as well as New Jersey’s Funebrarum. Despite not having started until the very late 90’s, the band’s heavy and abysmal sound drags its victim a quarter-century back to the most wondrously putrid years of Death Metal, and does so with an exceptionally Finnish grip of darkness.

    While Funebrarum’s list of influences includes a plethora of both established classics and demo obscurities from the US, the UK, Sweden and beyond, there’s a particularly strong appreciation for the old Finnish scene present. Those with eyes to see, ears to hear might be able to sense the purulently vile groove of Funebre, the otherworldly atmosphere of Demigod, or the erratic violence of Disgrace in Funebrarum’s festering body of work. They even went as far as asking Jukka Kolehmainen of Abhorrence for old lyrics to use, which resulted in a completely alternate version of the old rehearsal rarity “Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers” ending up on their debut!

    After a few years of dormant hallucinations and a line-up revision, 2016 sees vocalist Daryl Kahan and his new cohorts showing more notable signs of death in the form of the “Exhumation of the Ancient” MLP and a split 7” with Putrisect and Interment. And this is only the beginning, as Funebrarum are busy writing material for their third full-length due out in early 2017… So be sure to witness when their wave of corrosive black slime hits the Finnish shores for the first time next June, flooding the river Kokemäenjoki and drowning Pori in thick pestilential nightmare.

  • Obfuscation ripping at FDMMFEST 2017!

    formed in 1992

    Excavating another rarely remembered gem of the Finnish underground, FDMM Fest is stoked to present Lahti’s Obfuscation, who had their active days in the early to mid-90’s. Playing their grinding Death Metal with plenty of infectious groove and occasional touches of melodic gloom, Obfuscation were like the less playful cousin of Lubricant, which was also reflected in their thoughtful lyrical observations of the surrounding world. With Dark Blasphemies Records about to release the collection “A Document of Dysphoria” – wrapping up their “Swansongs” EP, demos and more – Obfuscation’s dreamtime is over, and they’re set to shake the dust off the old cadaver at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs 2017!

  • Moondark will be playing at fdmmfest 2017

    formed in 1993

    Having done only one demo and one gig in 1993, Moondark’s initial existence was very short-lived, as the members soon went on to concentrate on their other bands. However, with those seven crushing mid-tempo tracks presenting some of the heaviest and darkest Death Metal to come out of Sweden, it’s no wonder that the new millennium has brought the band back into the moonlight with reissues through various labels, and eventually a reunion show at Kill-Town Death Fest 2014. The group is working on a brand new album, but has been a rare sighting live, with no more than three gigs on their track record thus far… FDMM Fest is proud to offer a rare chance to enter the dimension of Moondark!

  • huoripukki will be playing at fdmmfest 2017

    formed in 2008

    Despite being the home for such classic acts as Convulse and Purtenance, not much fresh blood has emerged from the town of Nokia in recent years. But that blood flows black as coal, and goes by the name of Huoripukki… Having released a handful of sparsely spread demos and played small venues around Finland, their barbaric evil Death Metal has only reached the ears of those with a hunger for the rawest and filthiest underground ravagery. June 2017 will see the band’s most high-profile gig to date, as Huoripukki casts the shadow of its horns over Pori! Huoripukki will play at Bar Monttu's After party on Saturday.

  • >Messiah paratroops in fdmmfest 2017

    formed in 1989

    Of the Finnish bands released by the legendary US rip-off label Seraphic Decay, Messiah Paratroops must be the one that was left draped in obscurity the most. The musical merits of “The Past” 7” – consisting of four songs picked from the ’91 demo “Lost Soul Domain” – can hardly be blamed for that, as Messiah Paratroops executed their Death/Thrash with skill, infectiousness, and relative originality. However, the band never moved up the ladder to the full-length league, and seemingly got buried in the mud as the 90’s went on, leaving merely the 7” and a handful of demos as their legacy.

    August 2014 saw unexpected signs of life in the Paratroops camp, as they set foot on stage in their hometown Kuopio alongside Demilich and Barathrum. Despite the successful reanimation, the band has continued to dwell in the shades for the most part since then, but FDMM Fest 2017 will offer another rare chance to catch them in action!

    Listen to "THE PAST" here.
  • vorum logo

    formed in 2008

    From the naked shores of the Åland Islands, the perpetual waves bring us the four-headed beast Vorum. The band's '09 MCD "Grim Death Awaits" was already a highly convincing introduction, and the full-length "Poisoned Void" that followed four years later further strengthened their foothold on the pile of skulls, along with a series of frenetic live performances. However, Vorum's latest mini-album manages to take things beyond a notch, presenting an even more savage and chaotic take on their rabid dance with Death. Described as "one of the most scariest and extreme recordings ever to be spit out from Scandinavia" by the label, this isn't mere commercial rhetoric, but actually an apt description of the insides of "Current Mouth". It's rare to encounter a recording that drips with such poisonous malice and mouth-foaming madness, while remaining catchy in its rapturously morbid melodicism... Inhale the damp decay and be pulled into the depths by Vorum.

    formed in 2013 as Blasphemous Witchcraft

    WITCHCRAFT plays a special BEHERIT-set


    Being another up-and- coming horde from the underground metal hotbed of Hamina to have (dis)graced the first FDMM Fest line-up, this time Witchcraft ride to Pori to hail the undisputed masters of Finnish Black Metal! The one and only Sodomatic Slaughter will sit behind the kit to play selected classics from the Beherit repertoire with the band, and the trio will also perform their original material that carries the same ancient spirit of black blood. For years and years, people have been moaning for Beherit to play gigs again, but the band has refused the offers consistently… this is the closest you'll get!


  • sonic poison logo

    formed in 2012

    It’s not too often that a band hits the nail on the head with their debut demo as hard as Sonic Poison did with “Harsh Demonstration…” in the summer of 2016, giving me an instant hard-on to jerk off over some mangled human remains. Their filthy grinding Death Metal obviously owes a lot to the mighty Repulsion, but when executed with this level of authentic blood-‘n’-guts-spilling intensity, it’s a sound that one just can’t get enough of... With their line-up scattered across Finland, the band have played only one gig so far, but at least you’ll be able to get your dose of Sonic Poison at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs 2017!

  • necro monastery logo

    formed in 2010

    Having lurked in the shadows for most of its existence, Necromonastery must be a previously unknown force to most. However, the founding members Sinisterror and Hex Inferi have tons of experience from the ranks of significant Finnish underground acts like Archgoat and Horna, to name a few. The duo captured the first Necromonastery tracks already back in 2010, but the recordings weren’t released until nearly six years later, with the issue of the demo tape being preceded by a few gigs in their hometown Turku in late 2015.

    The inclusion of a drummer-vocalist isn’t the only reason why the name of Autopsy comes to mind, but the foul Death Metal pummeling is only a part of Necromonastery’s murky sound, as they also draw from the bestial and chaotic end of Black Metal to complete their morbid and malevolent aura. With the line-up being now strengthened with M.H. of Obscure Burial on bass, FDMM Fest 2017 will provide an exceptional chance to experience the trio in the flesh as one of the last FDMM FEST After Party acts.


R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
Read more about the venue Annis here.
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