formed in 1990

    Depravity are another early 90’s group to make an out-of-the-dark return to the stage at FDMMFEST, crawling back from the cemetery after a silence of decades!

    Starting in 1990, Depravity first released two demos of the more primitive and less original kind before being picked up by Adipocere Records and taking their game up a considerable notch with the debut 7” “Remasquerade” in 1992. The band’s inherently Finnish sound oozing demigodly obscurity reached its peak a year later on the “Silence of the Centuries” MCD, which presented five timelessly captivating songs of melodic yet heavy death metal. However, a full-length album never materialized, as Depravity drifted into the shadows.

    Some of the members have since been seen in the ranks of several other bands – from underground black/death metal to some of Finland’s most well-known mainstream metal acts – but Depravity has shown no signs of life, remaining dormant even in the wake of their whole discography getting luxuriously reissued in 2011. However, seems like we’ve managed to figure out the spells to invoke this slumbering beast, even if it’s just for one appearance... Time will tell.

    formed in 1990

    Rippikoulu, or “Confirmation School”, was the best kept secret in Finnish Death Metal for the longest time. Delivering downtuned Winterish desolation with sporadic blasts, this combo slugged out two demos in the early 90’s. These first ever works of Finnish-sung Death Metal remained as the brightest gems hiding in the darkness, with only those who knew where to look being able to find them, until the band's second demo “Musta Seremonia” finally received a reissue in 2010.

    Rippikoulu is the heaviest shit still classifiable as Death Metal, not overflowing into the sludge/funeral Doom territory. They list Bolt Thrower and early My Dying Bride as influences, and the English sound is indeed present in their style, complete with anti-religious and societal lyrical tendencies. We can hear some old Paradise Lost in them as well, and the feeling you get from Rippikoulu's aesthetics is a gloomy fucked up world in which minds are corrupted and souls misled. Yes, this is our world, and Rippikoulu are going to deliver their black ceremony live for all to hear for the first time in over 20 fuckin' years!

    In 2014, the band made an unexpected return with a new mini-album entitled “Ulvaja”, where they incorporated some new ingredients to their traditional sound. Occasional female vocals and synths are present, but not as overlaying elements. If anything, the new material is even more eerie and Skepticism-like, spreading a haunting veil over barren landscapes.

    Do not miss this. This one gig might just be something you will remember for the rest of your life...

    "Musta Seremonia" Black Ceremony

    Check: http://www.fdmmfest.com/2015/02/pestigore.html
    formed in 2010

    Necrolepsy comes from Tampere and they are as harsh and punishing as a fist in thy ass! They aim to get rid of all possible wimpy elements that there ever were in Death Metal, and to do it 100% the way it was in the late 80’s and early 90's. This “Deathnoise” trio has got a lot of influences from bands such as Autopsy and Abscess, complete with the rotten groove, but remaining primitive and ugly as fuck! Some of their songs are on the short side, but what they lack in length, they make up with personality, punk attitude and commitment to never compromise! There is no other solution for these guys than Death Metal filled with rotten necrotic artwork and recordings that sound as if they were caught on tape in tremendous pain! This is demented and disgusting... This is DEATH Metal!

    Their latest release was a split tape with Axeslaughter in 2012.

    "Re-Animator" from the Deathnoise Demo

    formed in 1990

    With Convulse and Purtenance already summoned to play the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest, we are extremely proud to complete the unholy trinity of the old Nokia scene with the addition of Lubricant!

    After playing speed metal as O.V.D. for a few years at the end of 80’s, at the turn of the decade, the foursome took a turn to the morbid. The increasingly original direction that Xysma was taking at the time served as the most obvious influence to Lubricant’s rocking and grinding death metal sound, while picking words from a medical dictionary made for their incomprehensible lyrical brutality.

    Recorded in late '91, Lubricant's first studio demo “Swallow the Symmetric Swab” made big enough waves throughout the underground to earn them a deal with German Morbid Records, who put out the “Nookleptia” mini-album in '93. As the band members moved towards new musical horizons soon after, this remained as Lubricant's swansong, but the catchy riffs, frantically writhing song structures and Sami “Panda” Paldanius's varied schizoid vocals make it a deformed underground masterpiece that sounds still fresh today.

    This will be Lubricant's first live appearance in more than 20 years, and even we don't know if there will be any more of them, so be there or rot in regret!

    Nookleptia Ep

    formed in 2007

    Completing the line-up for Saturday’s gig at Bar Kino, we present you Lantern!

    Following the demise of Cacodaemon, these Kuopio purveyors of dark archaic death metal already raised some eyebrows in the underground with their MLP “Subterranean Effulgence” in 2011, and further strengthened their position with the stunning debut album “Below” a few years later. A new 7” is already waiting to be unleashed from the vaults, and the band is currently recording their sophomore full-length, so expect to hear some new material in Pori!

    Lantern’s style comes off as wildly intuitive, consisting of possessed roars, ghastly lead work and unpredictable structures, all with a thick layer of bonedust on top. This is a band with a nightmarish sound of their own, weaving primordial chaos and otherworldly obscurity into a coherent sonic form, yet never taming the dangerous essence that makes it so alluring. Beware!

    Lantern on Facebook.

  • Festerday will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989

    Named after the Carcass song Festerday they represent the groovier side of Death Metal, still with the sick touch of Carcass, a band that had a huge influence on the early Finnish Death Metal, just think Disgrace or Xysma!

    Festerday released three demo tapes, simply named Demo I, II & III. The second one was also released as a split-demo with their peers Carnifex.

    After this Festerday changed their name and musical approach. They became Cardinal, then Peacefrog, …and Oceans and then Havoc Unit. In 2013, the band had gone full circle, and Festerday was resurrected!

    Sick Times!

    Festerday have been in the studio in 2014 but have yet to release this new assault via Svart Records. FDMMFEST will offer the chance to see these guys as the Festerday incarnation again! Honestly, we have no idea wtf is going to happen when they hit the stage, but we are 100% certain that this will not be a waste of your time!

    Check the video for some recent practice footage of Festerday!

  • Amputory is playing at FDMMFEST 2015

    formed in 2009

    Formed in 2009, the Kerava-based Amputory began when some of the founding members of Pestigore started to practice again with a new band. They represent some fresh brutal stuff, but done mainly by very old school guys. The band has already played some gigs and released a couple of demos, but now they’ve finally got a deal with Xtreem Music, and we can expect a debut album in 2015. Musically they’ve been said to have something in common with older Six Feet Under and Death, but definitely also some similarity with Adramelech, Demigod and the likes can be heard.

    The band is currently seeking for a new drummer, but they are ready to hammer you at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs in September together with the best Death Metal line-up since ages in our country!

    formed in 2004

    “Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites” is a track on the Carcass demo and album Symphonies of Sickness, and Cadaveric Incubator is early Carcass filtered through minds that have been active in bands like Slugathor, Torsofuck and Deepred. However, this is NOT a carbon copy of Carcass, but an extremely rotten, dark and twisted upgrade of that already sick sound. Throw in some early Autopsy and Repulsion, and the mix is ready to be served.

    Cadaveric Incubator has gone through a lot of line-up changes over the years, and this amongst other things explains their short discography, even though the band has been lurking around graveyards for over a decade. In 2014, however, a new tape “Unburied Abominations” came out, and in our opinion this putrescent 6-song evokation of pure old school worshipping filth sounds as good/rotten as it can get in this murky style of Death Metal. In the words of bassist/vocalist Necroterror, Cadaveric Incubator is “a festering leper's cock force-fed in some modern day grind-nerds vegan mouth maybe?”

    Unburied Abominations from the cassette with the same name

  • Solothus will play the FDMMFEST 2015

    formed in 2007

    Solothus is a Death/DOOM band from Turku, playing slow and crushing yet epic music for wicked minds since 2007. They don’t only draw inspiration from the heaviest classic death metal, as traditional doom metal bands with a depressive touch like Trouble, Candlemass, Cathedral or even Black Sabbath themselves have surely been spinning on these guys turntables as well.

    With authentic influences like these, make sure you won't miss out on Solothus, since Doom Metal has always been a strong element in true Death Metal as far as we are concerned.

  • Skepticism will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1991

    Since 1991, Skepticism have made their mark globally with their ultra-slow, hypnotic, even trance-like vibe. As if trying to run in a dream, moving forward slowly and never reaching the goal, they emit an eerie atmosphere and paint the soundscape of Limbo.

    Such a unique band is almost impossible to compare to any other, and along with Thergothon, they pioneered the sub-genre Funeral Doom.

    Skepticism rarely perform live and their shows are usually more like performances than gigs. There are stories of people who have started tripping or who have had to leave the venue to get some fresh air during their performance.

    Slow and intense, Skepticism will seal this year’s Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest.

    "Sign of a storm" Live at Doomstock 2009

  • Necropsy will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1987

    Out of the approx. 20 bands with the same moniker, the Finnish Necropsy certainly was one of the first, as they started already as early as in 1987, blending influences from names like Morbid Angel, Slayer and Death together with the slow and haunting vibes so particular in the old Finnish style. They disbanded in 1994, and up to that point they had released no less than 7 demos, an EP and a legendary split with Demigod.

    In 2009, Necropsy reformed and signed to Xtreem Music, and like Purtenance, they came back more brutal than they ever were before! Since their resurgence, the band has recorded their first full-length Bloodwork in 2011, Psychopath Next Door EP in 2013, and a new album is to be expected soon.

    formed in 2013 as Blasphemous Witchcraft

    Remember 1989? Do you remember 1991?

    If you were too young to remember, or hardly even born, we are talking about cruel times when Death Metal wasn’t directly associated with Florida growling death metal or Swedish Sunlight crystal clear but low-end Boss HM-“Stay Heavy” pedal + Peavey amp, and definitely not with ultra technical instrument porn and fucking plastic production of 2000s.

    A lot of Death was Black and vice versa. While bands like Morbid Angel, Root, Samael, Marduk, Blasphemy or Rotting Christ simply wouldn’t accept the emerging trends and created genres of their own, the same happened in Finland as well. Satanic Evil, Barathrum, Impaled Nazarene, Unholy, Curse, Black Crucifixion… catch our drift?

    Now the corpse painted Demonomancers known as Witchcraft – “Goat Prayer of Black Baptism”, “Grotesque Demon of Darkness & Bloodiabolus” and “Black Moon Necromancer of Funeral Fornication” – show us how the BEHERIT-school Death Metal should, and will be done. This evocation is untouchable. Brutal and raw music, dark and evil imagery, bestial and demonic vocals mixed with eerie whispering filled with the black blood oath.

    The traditional grim and blasphemous style of Witchcraft falls somewhere between Death Metal and Black Metal, and they call it “Eerie Holocaust Death Metal”. Like in Necrolepsy’s case, their hand-drawn art, xeroxed covers, dubbed demos and self-made rehearsal tapes with only snail mail addresses on them prove that this primitive, fast and chaotic band is the real deal. Posers beware: Run away! No contact here.

    "Goat Summoning" live 2014

  • Demilich logo

    Formed in 1990

    To top off the pile of decayed entrails, Finnish Death Metal Maniacs are proud and psyched to present one of our country’s most original and revered death metal bands: say hello to Demilich.

    Even in the relatively heterogenous Finnish scene of the early 90’s, Demilich stood out as a bizarre bird. The technicality of their (de)compositions was one thing, but it was the abominable voice on top of them that became the band’s trademark, resonating in an inhumanly deep tone from somewhere inside the bowels of endlessness…

    After a handful of demos released in 1991-92, the band got picked up by Necropolis Records, who released their debut full-length “Nespithe” in 1993. A follow-up never materialized, as in consequence of mastermind Antti Boman’s increasing discontent with the scene at the time, Demilich vanished into emptiness soon after.

    In 2005, the band returned to wrap up their legacy in a proper manner, announcing plans of a compilation that would include their demos along with a few new recordings. A bunch of live dates followed, including an US tour, before Demilich was again laid to rest with a funerary gig in their hometown Kuopio in the summer of 2006.

    This four-headed entity had trouble staying below the skin of the earth, though, as another “final” performance was seen at Jalometalli Festival in August 2010, and with the long-awaited Demilich compilation finally emerging in early 2014 in the form of the ultimate box-set “20th Adversary of Emptiness”, it didn’t take too many months until the news of some more live dates started surfacing…

    For how long Demilich will stick around this time, your guess is as good as ours. However, we can tell you that they’ll be bringing their unearthly death metal mindfuck to FDMMFEST on Friday, September 11th!

    DEMILICH - Nespithe

  • Convulse will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1990

    Convulse are one of the most vital remaining bands from the "first wave of Finnish Death Metal".

    Their LP World Without God from 1991 will forever go down in history as a Finnish Death Metal classic. After their second LP Reflections from 1994 the band went on a 18 year long hiatus during which they among other things played in a Punk band called "Puhelinkoppi" that translates to phone booth...

    Convulse's return to the ranks in 2012 created a buzz in the scene and they have since been really active. They have released an EP, an LP, a split with Disma, toured twice in Europe, played Maryland Death Fest and are hitting the studio in the end of January 2015 again.

    These are certainly signs of a healthy band and with Rami Jämsä’s words: “Nothing beats a well-rehearsed band playing live, be it on stage or in the studio." We are certainly looking forward to witnessing it!

    The two latest releases, Evil Prevails LP and Inner Evil mLP came out via Svart Records in 2013.

  • Archgoat will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989

    Archgoat is a band that most of you out there know very well. From their first demo Jesus Spawn 1991 to the brand new album The Apocalyptic Triumphator 2015 out on Debemur Morti Productions, Archgoat has kept their primitive musical vision and blasphemous spirit all throughout their existence, while many others wimped out or changed artistic direction.

    Fronted by the most demonic-voiced Lord Angelslayer and his brother Ritual Butcherer on guitar, Archgoat plays the kind of deep, downtuned and heavy black metal that makes Christians cry for mercy and most regular nowadays metalheads literally shit their pants.

    Since their reunion in 2005 and after several tours all around the world, Archgoat has achieved a lot of well-deserved respect. We are very proud to announce that they have chosen to play their only gig on Finnish soil in 2015 at FDMMFEST!

  • Gorephilia will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 2006

    Being one of the most US-sounding bands in the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest line-up, Gorephilia has chosen to walk the same left hand path as dark and brutal bands like Incantation, Morbid Angel and Immolation, without forgetting the Finnish or Scandinavian sound either. Well folks, this ain't pretty and this ain't no shit.

    Fast blasts, breaks, slow parts, they have it all...

    Gorephilia’s first LP Embodiment of Death was one of the highlights of 2012 in the field of new Finnish Death Metal. Hopefully we can soon hear a follow-up!

  • Purtenance will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989 as Purtenance Avulsion

    Ever since their demo days as Purtenance Avulsion (1989-1991), the band has played uncompromising Death Metal, and as one of the pioneering bands, Purtenance have been invited to FDMMFEST to play a special through-the-ages set. It will cover their early demo and EP material, legendary Member of Immortal Damnation LP songs, and a lot of the awesome 2013 LP Awaken from Slumber.

    This is a rough band that can be described in only one word musically: HEAVY! With the sickest fucking guitar tone, they used to play a mixture of doom and death metal with some twisted melodies. Nowadays the band's sound is more brutal than ever, and you can even hear hints of bands like Mortician or Rottrevore.

    We hope this band will finally get their well-earned share of attention. They perhaps never got as much recognition as most of their peers, but now it's time to offer a special Finnish Death Metal Maniacs set that will last well over an hour! Rarely have bands made comebacks this good. The ones that come to our minds first are Archgoat and Purtenance!

  • Maveth will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 2007

    One of the most aggressive yet melodic bands in the fest line-up is Maveth, originally from Varkaus, but now relocated to Helsinki. The band's primary musical influences hint to the brutal style of Deicide/Morbid Angel, but their vision also features a lot of Finnish-sounding elements, especially in their use of melodies and chords. For sure, also blasphemous black metal has inspired them. Like with many other Finnish bands, their debut album Coils of the Black Earth was released on Dark Descent Records.

  • Cemetery Fog is playing FDMMFEST 2015

    formed in 2012

    Youngest but certainly one of the hungriest bands at this festival comes from Hamina and they are a truly unique group called Cemetery Fog! Like many old Finnish names such as Amorphis, Cemetery Fog is influenced by bands like (old) Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. Yet, sometimes they are as avant-garde as "Into the Pandemonium" era Celtic Frost or Unholy! Anyhow, namedropping doesn't do this band justice, as the best thing about them is that this stuff is actually pretty hard to label.

    They are doom, they are dark metal, they are death metal, even black metal at times! They bring something refreshing to this rotten line-up of old school bands. But don't take this the wrong way, these guys are some serious fucking horror-freaks... Their debut 12”MLP Towards the Gates on Iron Bonehead Records is literally haunting.

  • Decaying playing at FDMMFEST 2015

    formed in 2010

    Despite not having fired their first shots until 2010, Decaying have truly made use of their half a decade in existence, standing out as one of the most productive representatives of the new Finnish Death Metal generation.

    This hasn’t meant blindly firing blanks, as these young guns have been steadily developing their arsenal and fine-tuning their tactics. Decaying’s two demos showed already enough promise to attract the attention of Hellthrasher Productions – who put them out as the debut album “Devastate” – and having reached their fourth full-length last year; “One to Conquer” presents this Helsinki warmachine as well-oiled as ever.

    Decaying’s militant themes and heavy old-school sound are bound to bring associations to revered masters of the craft like Asphyx and Bolt Thrower, but the well-written and tightly executed song material, carefully spiced with a refreshing touch of melody, is of exceptionally high caliber in its league. Having also got their live troops together in recent years, Decaying have proven their ability to deliver the same crushing and precise force on the live front, as you will be able to witness at our warm-up event on Thursday the 10th of September!

    Decaying on Facebook.

  • Stench Of Decay
    formed in 2004

    Are you fuckin' kidding me, can there be anything more Finnish-sounding than this?

    With their name stemming from within Sentenced's song "Disengagement", Stench of Decay spew out the most unadulterated tunes of Finnish Death Metal since the originators over 20 years ago.

    Stench of Decay set out on a path to spread awareness about the old Finnish bands with the hope of giving them some well-earned recognition and to show the listeners the difference between what was going on in Sweden and in Finland.

    Stench Of Decay's material came out on the now defunct Detest Records and has been sold out for a while but worry not, in 2012 Ektro Records released a compilaton with both of their demos and the Visions Beyond Death EP and it’s still widely available.

    Their live performances have included covers of Abhorrence and Rippikoulu, and sometimes with rare special guests on stage. We are very eager to see what Stench of Decay will surprise us with at the Warm Up event on Thursday 10th of September!

    Creation of Carnal Lust

    formed in 2006

    One could argue that Pori is the birthplace of the revival of the Finnish Death Metal sound that began emerging around mid-2000s. Together with Stench of Decay, also from Pori, Ascended started churning out Death Metal that bowed deeply to the direction of Abhorrence, Amorphis, Demigod, Sentenced...

    Ascended deliver their Death with a slightly more atmospheric or even etheric touch, allowing the listener to be carried away by the haunting harmonies so prevalent in this style of Finnish Death Metal.

    The band went on a slight hiatus after the 2011 split EP with Helcaraxë, but fortunately they reunited in late 2013. Reports of new recordings have surfaced, but we have yet to hear anything more concrete... We hope that the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest will provide the right setting for Ascended to unleash what lays dormant within!

    Temple of Dark Offerings

  • Krypts will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 2008

    COLD AS FUCK! Together with let’s say Stench of Decay and older Swallowed, Krypts are flying the flag of the true Finnish Death Metal sound high! Think of the slower parts of Abhorrence and then send it flying 20 odd years into the future, manifesting itself a little slower and more hopeless, and then being unleashed upon mankind through minds with a flawless vision, represented as Krypts.

    No more words needed, only unending degradation.

    Krypts will set us in the right mood and are the first confirmed band of the "Warm Up" show on Thursday.


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