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    Archgoat will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989

    Archgoat is a band that most of you out there know very well. From their first demo Jesus Spawn 1991 to the brand new album The Apocalyptic Triumphator 2015 out on Debemur Morti Productions, Archgoat has kept their primitive musical vision and blasphemous spirit all throughout their existence, while many others wimped out or changed artistic direction.

    Fronted by the most demonic-voiced Lord Angelslayer and his brother Ritual Butcherer on guitar, Archgoat plays the kind of deep, downtuned and heavy black metal that makes Christians cry for mercy and most regular nowadays metalheads literally shit their pants.

    Since their reunion in 2005 and after several tours all around the world, Archgoat has achieved a lot of well-deserved respect. We are very proud to announce that they have chosen to play their only gig on Finnish soil in 2015 at FDMMFEST!

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