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    Convulse will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1990

    Convulse are one of the most vital remaining bands from the "first wave of Finnish Death Metal".

    Their LP World Without God from 1991 will forever go down in history as a Finnish Death Metal classic. After their second LP Reflections from 1994 the band went on a 18 year long hiatus during which they among other things played in a Punk band called "Puhelinkoppi" that translates to phone booth...

    Convulse's return to the ranks in 2012 created a buzz in the scene and they have since been really active. They have released an EP, an LP, a split with Disma, toured twice in Europe, played Maryland Death Fest and are hitting the studio in the end of January 2015 again.

    These are certainly signs of a healthy band and with Rami Jämsä’s words: “Nothing beats a well-rehearsed band playing live, be it on stage or in the studio." We are certainly looking forward to witnessing it!

    The two latest releases, Evil Prevails LP and Inner Evil mLP came out via Svart Records in 2013.

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