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    Festerday will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989

    Named after the Carcass song Festerday they represent the groovier side of Death Metal, still with the sick touch of Carcass, a band that had a huge influence on the early Finnish Death Metal, just think Disgrace or Xysma!

    Festerday released three demo tapes, simply named Demo I, II & III. The second one was also released as a split-demo with their peers Carnifex.

    After this Festerday changed their name and musical approach. They became Cardinal, then Peacefrog, …and Oceans and then Havoc Unit. In 2013, the band had gone full circle, and Festerday was resurrected!

    Sick Times!

    Festerday have been in the studio in 2014 but have yet to release this new assault via Svart Records. FDMMFEST will offer the chance to see these guys as the Festerday incarnation again! Honestly, we have no idea wtf is going to happen when they hit the stage, but we are 100% certain that this will not be a waste of your time!

    Check the video for some recent practice footage of Festerday!

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