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    Purtenance will play the FDMMFEST in 2015

    formed in 1989 as Purtenance Avulsion

    Ever since their demo days as Purtenance Avulsion (1989-1991), the band has played uncompromising Death Metal, and as one of the pioneering bands, Purtenance have been invited to FDMMFEST to play a special through-the-ages set. It will cover their early demo and EP material, legendary Member of Immortal Damnation LP songs, and a lot of the awesome 2013 LP Awaken from Slumber.

    This is a rough band that can be described in only one word musically: HEAVY! With the sickest fucking guitar tone, they used to play a mixture of doom and death metal with some twisted melodies. Nowadays the band's sound is more brutal than ever, and you can even hear hints of bands like Mortician or Rottrevore.

    We hope this band will finally get their well-earned share of attention. They perhaps never got as much recognition as most of their peers, but now it's time to offer a special Finnish Death Metal Maniacs set that will last well over an hour! Rarely have bands made comebacks this good. The ones that come to our minds first are Archgoat and Purtenance!

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