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    formed in 1990

    With Convulse and Purtenance already summoned to play the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest, we are extremely proud to complete the unholy trinity of the old Nokia scene with the addition of Lubricant!

    After playing speed metal as O.V.D. for a few years at the end of 80’s, at the turn of the decade, the foursome took a turn to the morbid. The increasingly original direction that Xysma was taking at the time served as the most obvious influence to Lubricant’s rocking and grinding death metal sound, while picking words from a medical dictionary made for their incomprehensible lyrical brutality.

    Recorded in late '91, Lubricant's first studio demo “Swallow the Symmetric Swab” made big enough waves throughout the underground to earn them a deal with German Morbid Records, who put out the “Nookleptia” mini-album in '93. As the band members moved towards new musical horizons soon after, this remained as Lubricant's swansong, but the catchy riffs, frantically writhing song structures and Sami “Panda” Paldanius's varied schizoid vocals make it a deformed underground masterpiece that sounds still fresh today.

    This will be Lubricant's first live appearance in more than 20 years, and even we don't know if there will be any more of them, so be there or rot in regret!

    Nookleptia Ep

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