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    formed in 1990

    Rippikoulu, or “Confirmation School”, was the best kept secret in Finnish Death Metal for the longest time. Delivering downtuned Winterish desolation with sporadic blasts, this combo slugged out two demos in the early 90’s. These first ever works of Finnish-sung Death Metal remained as the brightest gems hiding in the darkness, with only those who knew where to look being able to find them, until the band's second demo “Musta Seremonia” finally received a reissue in 2010.

    Rippikoulu is the heaviest shit still classifiable as Death Metal, not overflowing into the sludge/funeral Doom territory. They list Bolt Thrower and early My Dying Bride as influences, and the English sound is indeed present in their style, complete with anti-religious and societal lyrical tendencies. We can hear some old Paradise Lost in them as well, and the feeling you get from Rippikoulu's aesthetics is a gloomy fucked up world in which minds are corrupted and souls misled. Yes, this is our world, and Rippikoulu are going to deliver their black ceremony live for all to hear for the first time in over 20 fuckin' years!

    In 2014, the band made an unexpected return with a new mini-album entitled “Ulvaja”, where they incorporated some new ingredients to their traditional sound. Occasional female vocals and synths are present, but not as overlaying elements. If anything, the new material is even more eerie and Skepticism-like, spreading a haunting veil over barren landscapes.

    Do not miss this. This one gig might just be something you will remember for the rest of your life...

    "Musta Seremonia" Black Ceremony


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