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    formed in 2013 as Blasphemous Witchcraft

    Remember 1989? Do you remember 1991?

    If you were too young to remember, or hardly even born, we are talking about cruel times when Death Metal wasn’t directly associated with Florida growling death metal or Swedish Sunlight crystal clear but low-end Boss HM-“Stay Heavy” pedal + Peavey amp, and definitely not with ultra technical instrument porn and fucking plastic production of 2000s.

    A lot of Death was Black and vice versa. While bands like Morbid Angel, Root, Samael, Marduk, Blasphemy or Rotting Christ simply wouldn’t accept the emerging trends and created genres of their own, the same happened in Finland as well. Satanic Evil, Barathrum, Impaled Nazarene, Unholy, Curse, Black Crucifixion… catch our drift?

    Now the corpse painted Demonomancers known as Witchcraft – “Goat Prayer of Black Baptism”, “Grotesque Demon of Darkness & Bloodiabolus” and “Black Moon Necromancer of Funeral Fornication” – show us how the BEHERIT-school Death Metal should, and will be done. This evocation is untouchable. Brutal and raw music, dark and evil imagery, bestial and demonic vocals mixed with eerie whispering filled with the black blood oath.

    The traditional grim and blasphemous style of Witchcraft falls somewhere between Death Metal and Black Metal, and they call it “Eerie Holocaust Death Metal”. Like in Necrolepsy’s case, their hand-drawn art, xeroxed covers, dubbed demos and self-made rehearsal tapes with only snail mail addresses on them prove that this primitive, fast and chaotic band is the real deal. Posers beware: Run away! No contact here.

    "Goat Summoning" live 2014

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