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    formed in 1999

    When it comes to names from outside of Finland, there aren’t many that would fit on the FDMMFEST bill as well as New Jersey’s Funebrarum. Despite not having started until the very late 90’s, the band’s heavy and abysmal sound drags its victim a quarter-century back to the most wondrously putrid years of Death Metal, and does so with an exceptionally Finnish grip of darkness.

    While Funebrarum’s list of influences includes a plethora of both established classics and demo obscurities from the US, the UK, Sweden and beyond, there’s a particularly strong appreciation for the old Finnish scene present. Those with eyes to see, ears to hear might be able to sense the purulently vile groove of Funebre, the otherworldly atmosphere of Demigod, or the erratic violence of Disgrace in Funebrarum’s festering body of work. They even went as far as asking Jukka Kolehmainen of Abhorrence for old lyrics to use, which resulted in a completely alternate version of the old rehearsal rarity “Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers” ending up on their debut!

    After a few years of dormant hallucinations and a line-up revision, 2016 sees vocalist Daryl Kahan and his new cohorts showing more notable signs of death in the form of the “Exhumation of the Ancient” MLP and a split 7” with Putrisect and Interment. And this is only the beginning, as Funebrarum are busy writing material for their third full-length due out in early 2017… So be sure to witness when their wave of corrosive black slime hits the Finnish shores for the first time next June, flooding the river Kokemäenjoki and drowning Pori in thick pestilential nightmare.

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