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    formed in 1991

    (Old school set 91-93)

    At the turn of the 90’s, before terms like Death Metal and Black Metal had been set in stone, defined to death and divided into countless sub-genres, bands like Beherit, Archgoat and Impaled Nazarene were busy forging Finland’s darkest and heaviest metal, regardless of the tag. Hailing Satan from the Arctic city of Rovaniemi, Black Crucifixion soon followed to start a similar quest of their own.   August ’91 saw the group’s first appearance at the legendary Day of Darkness event in Oulu, and in ’92, debut demo “The Fallen One of Flames” followed, presenting primitive and evil metal that bore a striking resemblance to their fellow townsmen and close comrades Beherit. However, like many of their peers at the time, Black Crucifixion soon had their eyes set on exploring different shades of darkness, as evidently heard in the mystical and hypnotic atmosphere of the more refined ’93 mini-album “Promethean Gift”.   While “Promethean Gift” long seemed to have been Black Crucifixion’s last gasp, the band have been making a strong return in the new millennium, with reissues, gigs and fresh material. However, for FDMM Fest 2017, they will take us back to the formative days of darkness, playing exclusively songs from their early works! Let us flow downwards…

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R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
Read more about the venue Annis here.
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