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    formed in 1989

    Inferia is the longest-running band that the early Finnish Death Metal scene spawned, having squirted out new releases semi-steadily all the while, with the 2014 full-length “Fistament” being their latest show of potency. While the early material was more in the average DM vein both musically and lyrically, over the years the grindcore elements have increased, and the lyrics moved to exclusively concentrate on mainman Jani Huttunen’s unquenchable passion for pornography, thus giving birth to Inferia’s own brand of “porndeath-grind”.

    These Lahti perverts have been extensively spraying their seed all over Europe and South America, charming audiences with their jizz-dripping love songs that go by such exhilarating titles as “Cum Shot Victim”, “Let’s Fist Again” and “Cunt Get No Satisfaction”. In the process, the band has developed into a well-oiled and deadly live unit, so prepare to be both entertained and intensely brutalized, when Finland’s premiere porngrinders take Pori by force!

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