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    >Messiah paratroops in fdmmfest 2017

    formed in 1989

    Of the Finnish bands released by the legendary US rip-off label Seraphic Decay, Messiah Paratroops must be the one that was left draped in obscurity the most. The musical merits of “The Past” 7” – consisting of four songs picked from the ’91 demo “Lost Soul Domain” – can hardly be blamed for that, as Messiah Paratroops executed their Death/Thrash with skill, infectiousness, and relative originality. However, the band never moved up the ladder to the full-length league, and seemingly got buried in the mud as the 90’s went on, leaving merely the 7” and a handful of demos as their legacy.

    August 2014 saw unexpected signs of life in the Paratroops camp, as they set foot on stage in their hometown Kuopio alongside Demilich and Barathrum. Despite the successful reanimation, the band has continued to dwell in the shades for the most part since then, but FDMM Fest 2017 will offer another rare chance to catch them in action!

    Listen to "THE PAST" here.

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