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    formed in 1990

    Rippikoulu’s black ceremony at FDMMFest 2015 was one the most awaited moments of that weekend, as the revered Death/Doom cult hadn’t set foot on stage in more than two decades. While a dream come true for some, it was a performance that divided opinions, as many were disappointed by the dominance of their new “Ulvaja” material in the setlist, and complaints were also heard about the structure of the line-up, which included a female vocalist/keyboardist yet no bass player.

    No matter whether you approved the band's gig at the previous edition or not, or even were there in the first place, FDMM 2017 will bring another must-see for any Rippikoulu fanatic: a special set solely concentrating on their 1992-93 demo songs! That’s right, expect a hefty dose of the crushing gloom of “Musta seremonia”, along with choice cuts from its more primitive and brutal predecessor “Mutaation aiheuttama sisäinen mätäneminen”, served with a bass!

    Also, this time minors will be able to suffer the curse of darkness and the everlasting torment first- hand as well, as unlike last year, Rippikoulu will be playing at the all-ages main venue Annis.

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R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
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