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    formed in 2010

    Having lurked in the shadows for most of its existence, Necromonastery must be a previously unknown force to most. However, the founding members Sinisterror and Hex Inferi have tons of experience from the ranks of significant Finnish underground acts like Archgoat and Horna, to name a few. The duo captured the first Necromonastery tracks already back in 2010, but the recordings weren’t released until nearly six years later, with the issue of the demo tape being preceded by a few gigs in their hometown Turku in late 2015.

    The inclusion of a drummer-vocalist isn’t the only reason why the name of Autopsy comes to mind, but the foul Death Metal pummeling is only a part of Necromonastery’s murky sound, as they also draw from the bestial and chaotic end of Black Metal to complete their morbid and malevolent aura. With the line-up being now strengthened with M.H. of Obscure Burial on bass, FDMM Fest 2017 will provide an exceptional chance to experience the trio in the flesh as one of the last FDMM FEST After Party acts.

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R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
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