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    Death Strike logo fdmmfest 2017

    formed in 1984

    A persistently lethal underground force from the pestilential mists of Death Metal’s formative years will be co-headlining FDMM Fest 2017, as Death Strike shall bring their remorseless poison to Pori! Having started under their better-known name Master back in 1983, and mutating to Death Strike for a brief period the following year, we’re talking about one of the very first (American) DM bands here.
    Although Death Strike put out only one four-song demo “Fuckin’ Death” before mastermind Paul Speckmann switched back to his first choice of moniker, the tape made a deep impact in the global underground, with its furious clash of the heaviest metal and the most raging punk later being recognized as one of the first examples of Death Metal. Subsequent extended reissues of this ’85 essential have kept Death Strike’s name on the lips and vests of maniacs worldwide, but apart from few special performances in recent times, most of this material has been rarely heard live…
    While Master have proven their strong stage shape several times in Finland during the last couple of years, this is the first time that Paul and his Slovakian sidekicks will perform a full set strictly concentrating on the early-to- mid-80’s killers here. Death strikes – pay to die!

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R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
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