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    Sceptical Schizo at fdmmfest 2017!

    formed in 1988

    Adding an exceptional dose of local obscurity to the FDMM Fest line-up, we present you Sceptical Schizo! This four-piece started in Noormarkku (nowadays a part of the city of Pori) in the late 80’s, playing quite standard Death/Thrash, but in the course of a couple of demos, they developed to a more original and atmospheric direction. On the last Sceptical Schizo releases – two 7” EPs from 1992-93 – this constant evolution had already lead them to the forlorn fields of Death/Doom Metal, and soon after, the stylistic shift culminated in the band changing their moniker to Lavra, drifting further away from their heavy origins, and eventually calling it quits.

    Now after more than two decades of slumber, the band has agreed to reunite for this special occasion to play selected picks from across the Sceptical Schizo discography, from the thrashing demo tunes to the down-tempo melancholy of their EPs. A word of warning might be in order; it’s unlikely there will be another chance for any Finnish Death Metal Maniac to witness this!

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R.I.P. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest (2015-2017). THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! Beer area was held by Beer Hunter's again.
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