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    formed in 2008

    From the naked shores of the Ă…land Islands, the perpetual waves bring us the four-headed beast Vorum. The band's '09 MCD "Grim Death Awaits" was already a highly convincing introduction, and the full-length "Poisoned Void" that followed four years later further strengthened their foothold on the pile of skulls, along with a series of frenetic live performances. However, Vorum's latest mini-album manages to take things beyond a notch, presenting an even more savage and chaotic take on their rabid dance with Death. Described as "one of the most scariest and extreme recordings ever to be spit out from Scandinavia" by the label, this isn't mere commercial rhetoric, but actually an apt description of the insides of "Current Mouth". It's rare to encounter a recording that drips with such poisonous malice and mouth-foaming madness, while remaining catchy in its rapturously morbid melodicism... Inhale the damp decay and be pulled into the depths by Vorum.

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